Maizex Seeds will be an integral part of the new SojaCan Identity Preserved (IP) soybean alliance, together with Beechwood Agri Services, VDB Grains, and Grains Quebec. This closed-loop IP soybean system will provide your customers with a new access point for IP premiums when planting unique identity preserved soybean varieties sold by Maizex Seeds.

“We know our customers were looking to have an IP system option that featured Maizex IP soybean varieties,” says Blake Ashton, General Manager of Maizex Seeds. “The SojaCan IP alliance provides this option.”

Maizex Seeds will be testing and commercializing IP varieties that are exclusive to the SojaCan IP alliance going forward. Farmers who want the performance and competitive IP premiums associated with Maizex IP varieties will first contract the grain to be grown from these varieties with the location nearest to them, which for 2024 includes Beechwood Agri Services and V.D.B. Grains in Western Ontario and Quebec Grains in Eastern Ontario. Once a grain contract is in place, farmers can work with their local Maizex Seeds dealer to order and purchase the seed required. As part of a closed-loop system, Maizex IP varieties will only be sold to growers contracting soybeans through the SojaCan network.

The long-term goal with this system is to provide a value-added option for farmers who have made IP soybeans a valuable part of their crop rotation.

Maizex is actively testing new varieties in a wide maturity range for the SojaCan IP program to complement the varieties we are currently marketing, which include Saru, Ajico, Kuma, and Jari. Details on these varieties are listed below.

Varieties Available for 2024

Jari00.9Very high-protein soybean with strong emergence and white mould.
Kuma0.3New variety that offers high yield potential together with strong white mould tolerance.
Ajico0.8Consistent performer with strong agronomic characteristics.
Saru1.0New variety that offers high yield potential and strong agronomic performance.

Below is contact information for our alliance partners who growers can contact to arrange SojaCan IP grain contracts.

Western Ontario

V.D.B. Grains Ltd.
Mitchell, ON
(519) 348-4560

Beechwood Agri Services
Parkhill, ON
Paul Kramer: (519) 521-2885
Eastern Ontario

Grains Quebec
Jordane Roy-Leblanc
(450) 230-4717