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Maizex Seeds uses a comprehensive testing regimen on all commercial products which includes both small plot and field scale trials. For each product, this includes multiple trial locations in a range of locations and environments. We capture this information in order to better position products for success on your farm.

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MGS Farming

CHU: 3000

Products: MZ 3690DBR, MZ 3930DBR, MZ 4040DBR, MZ 4049SMX, MZ 4151TRE, MZ 4158DBR, MZ 4280DBR, MZ 4368SMX, MZ 4577SMX

Ferme Saint-Joseph

CHU: 2350

Products: MARCAMO, P8034

Ferme Barilo enr. #2

CHU: 2500

Products: DKC26-40, EX21-75DBR, MZ 1544DBR, MZ 1688DBR

Ferme Barilo enr. #1

CHU: 2500

Products: DKC23-17, E44H12 R, EX21-74DBR, MZ 1340DBR

Ferme Barilo enr. #3

CHU: 2500

Products: DKC33-78, E49K32 R, E52V92 R, EX21-80R, P8234AM

Ferme Joviane

CHU: 2400

Products: DKC24-06, E49K32 R, P7955AM

Ferme Joviane

CHU: 2400

Products: Donaldo R2X, Hydra R2, P00A75X, Rico R2X, Salto R2

Ferme Alary

CHU: 2800

Products: DKC38-55, MZ 2699DBR, MZ 3117DBR


CHU: 2850

Products: E65G82 R, MZ 2982DBR, MZ 3117DBR, MZ 3120SMX, MZ 3505DBR, P9608AM

Miedema Farms

CHU: 2800

Products: E67H92 R, EX1830SMX, MZ 3117DBR, MZ 4040DBR, NK9535-3220, NK9653-5222, P8820AM, P8859YHR, P9188AM, P9233AM, P9301AM, P9492AM, P9535AM, P9608Q, P9823Q

Ferme Rocheleau

CHU: 2350

Products: MS 8171R, MS 8270R

Ferme M et PL Gendron

CHU: 2200

Products: E52V92 R, MS 7420R

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