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We are a customer-centric business shaping our product line and services to meet the needs of our customers across the country into the future.

We can only be successful if our customers are successful.

Our Investment in Genetics 

Maizex accesses and rigorously tests genetics through a pool of modern germplasm from partners around the globe. The result is genetic diversity that leads to yield progress here in Canada. We match these genetics with seed-based technologies to meet the needs of our customers’ farms.  

Maizex has one of the larger pre-commercial and actively commercial product testing programs for corn hybrids and soybean varieties across Canada using replicated trials across a range of environments. The result is a knowledge base we share with our customers as we position products field-by-field for your farm. Find Trial Data for your area here

Our focus on testing does not stop with base yield. We spend a great deal of time evaluating agronomic characteristics, including disease tolerance. Our goal is to introduce new products only if they perform a step above the products already in our portfolio.

Visit our Product Section to find the best products for fields on your farm.  

Our Investment in Seed-Based Technologies

Next to genetics, a key area of testing and research at Maizex is seed-based technologies aimed at protecting and enhancing your yield potential by protecting the genetics you are investing in through your seed purchase. This includes two main areas:

Seed Treatments

Soil-based diseases and insects can destroy your yield potential even before plants emerge. Seed treatments protect the seed and seedling planting through and past emergence to ensure the plant has a healthy start to the growing season. Seed treatments are the most effective and environmentally conscious way to protect plants given the ultra low use rate per acre required when only treating the seed.

Maizex updates its seed treatment package as new technologies emerge, using industry-best fungicides and insecticides to match the issues you may face in  your fields.


Seed based trait technologies are a proven way to protect your corn hybrids from the inside out from specific insect pests or to provide herbicide flexibility through built in tolerance to specific herbicides in corn and soybeans.  See a complete overview of available traits in each of our corn and soybean crop sections.   

Our Investment in Agronomy Research

To take full advantage of your investment in Maizex Seeds products, we actively invest in agronomic research. On an annual basis, Maizex conducts extensive research in genetic, nutrient, intensive management, and seed treatment areas, with the goal of increasing your yield potential in grain, silage, grazing corn, and soybeans.  

Visit our Agronomy Centre for more information. 

Our Investment in Processing Innovation

A focus on producing higher quality seed was a founding principle at Maizex Seeds. Seed quality is monitored from planting, through processing, to shipment to your farm. Our production and processing techniques are aimed at minimizing seed handling to deliver best-in-class seed quality. This goal has led to innovations in seed harvesting and processing. 

Want a Tour or Tour a Seed Field? Ask your Maizex Seeds dealer about visiting Maizex and our seed production fields or facilities. 

Our Investment in Customer Services

Customer Programs. Maizex is active in providing a range of programs to support your business. These include:

Early Order and Pay Programs. Ask your Maizex Seeds dealer for details for your area. 

Replant Program. Maizex offers replant programs to support you when you need us in the event Mother Nature impacts your planted or emerged crops. 

MZ Finance. Use MZ Finance to take advantage of early order programs or to help optimize your cash flow needs through and after the growing season. MZ Finance features competitive interest rates and terms and the ability to finance up to 100% of your seed purchases.