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In addition to extensive research in product development and selection, Maizex focuses on agronomy research and information that is meant to increase your on-farm profit potential and support the goal of maximizing the genetic potential in the seed you plant. This area of our website provides detailed articles and information in areas that can make a difference on your farm.  

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Agronomy Videos

Nov 21, 2022
Category: Agronomy

Check out our latest video with RealAgriculture from The Sharp Edge series. Video Libraries…

Maizex Agronomy 2023: Learn Connected!

Jan 13, 2023
Categories: Agronomy, Events, News, Uncategorized

Three power-packed virtual sessions from our experts in Indiana Be sure to join us virtually at the times below for a one-hour discussion followed by an open Q&A session. Bring all of your hardest questions!For anyone who cannot attend one or more sessions, they will be recorded and available on-demand until March 31, 2023. Tuesday,…

Harvest 2022 Trial Data

Dec 19, 2022
Categories: Agronomy, News

Stephen Denys, Director of Market & Product Development With another harvest season all but complete, Maizex Seeds has compiled trial data from our comprehensive testing regimen for you to pore over and see how Maizex products are performing in your region. We’d like to extend our gratitude to all the cooperators who plant test plots…

Maizex Agronomy 2023: Learn Live!

Dec 14, 2022
Categories: Agronomy, Events, News, Press Releases
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Join us at our in-person agronomy meetings throughout Ontario in Jan/Feb 2023!…

European Corn Borer

Aug 17, 2022
Category: Agronomy
Tags: , ,

On the Prairies, we are fortunate that we don’t have many insects to deal with when it comes to our corn production. The most prevalent insect is the European corn borer (ECB) and the pressure we see varies by year and location. The following is a summary of the lifecycle of the ECB, how the…

Corn Nitrogen Questions 2022

Apr 5, 2022
Category: Agronomy

There are a lot of wheels in motion this year when it comes to nitrogen management in corn.  Here are some of the key questions: Question 1. If I have unlimited nitrogen supply, should I reduce N rates on corn regardless, because of high nitrogen prices? Answer 1: High nitrogen prices alone, are not a…

Avoiding The Big 6 Planting Mistakes

Mar 25, 2022
Category: Agronomy

The following are some tips and ideas on how to avoid key corn planting mistakes. If you have other thoughts you would like to add to the discussion, please e-mail me at Missed the First Planting Window. This is a result of not having the planter prepared for an early planting window. Here are…

2021 Agronomy Summary now available

Mar 22, 2022
Category: Agronomy

The 2021 Agronomy Summary is now available thanks to the work of the Maizex Seeds agronomy team and the cooperators and companies who worked with them throughout the 2021 growing season to make this booklet possible.

Planter vs Air Drill: The Western Showdown

Oct 8, 2021
Category: Agronomy
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For a number of years, I have been planting my dryland grazing corn with my air drill because that is the equipment that I had available, and I didn’t know if spending the money on a custom planter would be worth it. My ‘target’ plant population with the air drill was 32,000 plants per acre…

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