Our History

Maizex Seeds is a Canadian farmer-owned and Canada-focused seed company.

Maizex is unique as a joint venture company as our heritage and passion for serving our customers is rooted through two dynamic Canadian businesses. 

Maizex Seeds Inc. was founded by Jeannette’s Creek area farmers Dave and Brenda Baute. The company was incorporated in 1985, initially producing hybrid seed corn for export into the U.S. for sale through American seed companies. In 1989, the company turned its focus to developing and testing hybrids for Canadian farmers. It was also involved in the production and sale of specialty hybrids for production of food-grade corn for domestic food processors. 

In 1995, Maizex Seeds officially began marketing seed under the Maizex brand, growing to become the largest independent seed corn company focusing on providing elite corn hybrids and agronomy support to Canadian farmers from coast to coast. Maizex was an early innovator in seed processing, in particular from the field through to the seed bag to produce best-in-class seed quality. Maizex was the first seed corn company in Canada to process and market Refuge In the Bag (RIB) seed options for farmers.  

In July of 2018, Maizex Seeds entered into a joint venture agreement with Sollio Agriculture (La Coop fédérée at the time); a Quebec-based, farmer-owned agri-food business that is part of the Sollio Cooperative Group. This joint venture brought together the seed interests of both companies under one umbrella with the goal of serving Canadian farmers well into the future.  

The Sollio Cooperative Group is celebrating 100 years of putting farm families first in 2022. The business was formed through the merger of three cooperatives in Quebec under the name Coopérative fédérée in October of 1922. The business has grown through the vision of its farm-based ownership through the years and today encompasses three divisions including Sollio Agriculture, Olymel (food division) and BMR (retail division with a network of hardware stores).  

As part of its legacy in the seed industry, Sollio established the Elite seed brand in 1997. The Elite brand was launched with the objective of better servicing the needs of its customers in seed corn, soybeans, forages, and cereals by offering unique genetics focused on the needs of Canadian farmers. The Elite brand grew from its origins to become one of the largest independent seed brands in Canada. 

Maizex Seeds Today

Today, Maizex Seeds sells hybrid seed corn, soybean varieties, and, as of 2024, cereal and forage seed under the Maizex brand. This move solidifies Maizex as one of Canada’s pre-eminent seed companies and brings with it the retirement of the Elite Seeds brand.

The switch to one brand means farmers can now buy all corn, soybean, forage, and cereal seed under the Maizex label, eliminating any confusion in the marketplace and allowing the company to maintain its laser focus on performance.

This approach respects the legacy of both joint venture partners while delivering new genetics and seed-based technologies to meet the needs of Canadian farmers into the future. 

Our seed corn is produced and processed through two facilities located near Jeannette’s Creek, ON and in Blenheim, ON. The seed production pockets near both plants are unique in the country, and indeed the world, given the area’s productive soils and a long frost-free growing season moderated by the surrounding Great Lakes. Amazingly, our seed growers can produce seed corn in these areas from 68 to over 112 days in maturity.  

Late-day soybean varieties are produced in Southwestern Ontario and processed through our dedicated seed plant near Tilbury, ON while earlier day varieties are processed through either the Sollio-owned seed plant near Saint-Hugues, QC or through partnering processors located in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba that share our passion for seed quality and performance.