Prodcut Information


  • Great yield performance and agronomic package
  • High first-pod height promotes harvest ease
  • Taller bean with excellent standability
  • Identity preserved soybean variety; learn more here

Agronomy Notes

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Product Characteristics

Characteristic Value
PubescenceLight Brown
Flower ColourPurple
Pod ColourLight Brown
Hilum ColourImperfect Yellow
Plant TypeSemi-Bush

Agronomic Ratings

Characteristic Value
Phytophthora ToleranceAbove Average
Phytophthora GeneRps1c
SDS ToleranceAbove Average
SCN ResistanceSusceptible
Very Poor (1)
Excellent (9)
Lodging Resistance9/9
Seedling Vigour7/9

Traits and Technology

Conventional corn growers want high yields. For the most advanced, highest-yielding conventional corn hybrids, choose Maizex X-Series. These hybrids are developed using modern breeding techniques, but are GMO free. Conventional herbicide programs must be used for weed control.

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