Our Commitment to Quality

We start with the best genetics and finish with a seed that offers maximum health and vigour to ensure a uniform crop.

From our field to yours, our proprietary Premier Processing Assurance Program ensures quality in every bag.

From planting to harvest, from field to the bag, we strive for quality at every touchpoint.

Premier Processing Assurance Program

Maizex seed is the product of our Premier Processing Assurance Program. Our quality efforts are full cycle, from the seed field to the finished and treated seed you put in your planter. Quality control begins in our seed field selection and isolation and continues through harvest and processing.

Every touchpoint in the process ensures minimum handling to safeguard the highest quality seed in every bag. From there we add industry leading seed treatments designed to protect your seed from germination through emergence.

All of these seed handling innovations mean higher quality and higher vigour seed.

Proprietary harvest and drying systems delivers the quality and vigour you demand. 

Seed corn is harvested on the ear and from there our process differs as the seed is husked and sorted in the field to reduce handling and any possible injury. Maizex seed corn is dried on the ear in part using our proprietary, single-pass driers. Our low temperature dryers reduce moisture gradients in the seed to preserve germination and vigour.

Proprietary single-pass flat screen sizing system

After drying, the ears are shelled, sized, and graded; We use a proven, gentle process, which reduces handling, and in turn, reduces possible kernel damage. Everything is done to protect germination and vigour.