Who likes fines?  Harvesting corn over 28%, if not done properly, can lead to costly levels of fines!  Early harvest samples are suggesting that we have not completely black layered.  With the current weather and calendar date, this process will be slow.  However, corn has been harvested in Lambton County and it has been shipped already with 1-2% fines at 54-55lb test weight. Management of equipment, set properly and checked often, can and will maintain quality.

Combine Set Up

  • Keep header speed equal to your ground speed to improve stalk flow
  • You may need to adjust your stripper plates & snapping rolls closer together
  • The cylinder/rotor speed should be as slow as possible
  • Concaves need to be as wide as possible (leaving those real small tip kernels on the cob)
  • Too much unthreshed?  Close the concaves before increasing cylinder/rotor speed.  If you are still not satisfied, then begin to increase cylinder/rotor speed

Poor combine setup results in beating, shearing and pinching, which leads to cracked kernels.  These kernels break up and produce smaller grits (fines) as we continue to work with the corn to create a marketable product.  Frequent checking and adjusting must be done this year.

Dryer Set Up

  • Dry at lower temperatures to avoid stress cracks
  • Cool the grain slowly after drying
  • To maintain high capacity and grain quality, keep the dryer clean (dryer fires are more likely this year without maintenance)
  • Core the bin to allow for proper air flow

Ensure the grading parameters of your end user are known in order to make adjustments to achieve success in the final shipping process.

Kirk Van Will, CCA-ON, Maizex Seeds Yield Specialist, West Middlesex & Lambton Counties
Twitter: @KirkVanWill