Maizex Cereal Varieties

VarietyCrop TypeFeatures
CelestaSix-rowed barley• High yield
• Complete agronomic profile
• High tolerance to fusarium
DorianeSix-rowed barley• Excellent yield in all zones
• Remarkably consistent
• Good quality straw
EleganciaTwo-rowed barley• Excellent yield potential
• Superior height and standability
• Highly tolerant to fusarium
CorzoTwo-rowed barley• Good yield
• Very large grains
• Impressive straw production
SelenaTwo-rowed barley• Excellent yield potential
• Uniform large grains
• Above-average disease tolerance
VarietyCrop TypeFeatures
NikaOats• Exceptional yield
• Very high test weight
• Good standability
AlkaOats• High test weight
• Stable yield
• Very good resistance to drought and diseases
KalioOats • Superior yield
• Complete agronomic profile
• Very good test weight
AkinaOats (Quaker)• Preferred by Quaker Oats
• High yield, highly tolerant to crown rust
• Excellent standability
KatanaForage oats• Very tall and leafy
• High forage yield
• Healthy leaves for high-quality forage
VarietyCrop TypeFeatures
KWS ReceptorHybrid winter rye• Very high yield potential
• Excellent winter survival
• Leader in resistance to ergot
KWS SerafinoHybrid winter rye• Excellent yield potential
• Good winter survival in all zones
• Good resistance to ergot
EliasWinter rye• Versatile conventional winter rye
• Very tall
• High-yielding forage, grain, or straw
VarietyCrop TypeFeatures
EsoYellow pea• High-yield yellow field pea
• Semi-leafless with bushy growth habit
• Good standability
Packer brandForage pea• Impressive biomass with high protein content
• Perfect for forage or cover crop
• Leafy and indeterminate flowering until harvest
RubiconForage pea• High-yielding semi-leafless forage variety
• Taller than average
• Early maturity well synchronized with oats