The Maizex N Tracker will allow corn producers to assess nitrogen recommendations on a single spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet will include both field based and soil nitrogen testing based recommendations. The fundamental calculations in this spreadsheet are based on the OMAFRA N Calculator or OMAFRA PSNT Recommendations with some enhancements and adjustments made based on years of N rate and corn yield experience.  Both the general field based and soil N test based recommendations now use yield expectations and the prices of corn and nitrogen to adjust recommended N rates.  The N Tracker allows you to easily adjust various factors to examine how nitrogen rates change.

Growers will be familiar with most of the inputs.  Remember to use the Eastern Ontario spreadsheet if you farm east of Kingston, Ontario.  For growers outside of Ontario, these recommendations have not been calibrated for your area but you may find it interesting to compare them to your more local recommendations.

To access the Maizex N Tracker click here.

If you have any questions about the N Tracker please do not hesitate to contact Greg Stewart at

Maizex Nitrogen Tracker 4.5

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