Maizex Seeds markets a full line of seed corn hybrids across a range of maturities for farmers across Canada. As farmers finalize their spring plans, the grain trade is once again asking for clarification on approvals on different trait combinations in hybrids where the grain produced could be exported to international destinations, most notably Europe. 

All Maizex hybrids being sold this year utilize technology combinations where the grain produced is approved for export to Europe. This includes Trecepta® hybrids targeted to help prevent Western bean cutworm infestations. Trecepta® received its clearance for grain export to Europe earlier this year. The individual traits in the Trecepta® combination were all previously approved. 

The two Trecepta® hybrids for 2021 now approved are MZ 4151TRE and MZ 4410TRE. These two hybrids contain the Trecepta® trait combination which includes VT DoublePro® and Agrisure Viptera®, which together provide outstanding above-ground insect protection. 

Note that the full list of hybrids grown in Canada and their approval status can be found on the Seeds Canada website at

If you have any questions about Maizex hybrids in particular, please contact your local Maizex Seeds Territory Manager or Stephen Denys at 877-682-1720.