Stephen Denys, Director of Market & Product Development

With another harvest season all but complete, Maizex Seeds has compiled trial data from our comprehensive testing regimen for you to pore over and see how Maizex products are performing in your region. We’d like to extend our gratitude to all the cooperators who plant test plots and work with us to provide this information to farmers across the country so that we can better position products for our customers’ success.  

We’ve recently updated our website to make it easier to access the data relevant to you. Visit and simply click on the map to see all the plots in your region. You can also search using the various filtering options available to narrow down the results to those in which you are most interested, as shown in the example below.

In addition to the proven performance shown in our own trials, Maizex also had a successful showing in provincial trials across the country. The Ontario Provincial Corn Trials, for example, can be found at

Our research team has been busy compiling and analyzing this data to further our efforts at continuously improving and innovating our product line. There are a number of standout results in each maturity range for corn, including MZ 4608SMX, MZ 4158DBR, MZ 4049SMX, MZ 3505DBR, MZ 3117DBR, MZ 2982DBR, and MZ 2699DBR, amongst others.

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