Cobra R2X

Prodcut Information


High-yield potential even in stressed environments.

Agronomy Notes

Strong agronomic package. Good white mould tolerance.

CHU: 2600 RM: 0.3
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Product Characteristics

Characteristic Value
PubescenceLight Brown
Flower ColourPurple
Seed Size (s/kg)2757
Hilum ColourBrown
Plant TypeSemi-Bush

Agronomic Ratings

Characteristic Value
Phytophthora GeneRps1c
SDS ToleranceUnrated
SCN ResistancePI88788
Very Poor (1)
Excellent (9)
Seedling Vigour9/9

Traits and Technology

Soybean technology that provides not only yield potential, but the key to unlocking broad spectrum weed control from both glyphosate and dicamba-based herbicides, including glyphosate-resistant weed strains.

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