The weather is fine, and the optimum planting window will open within few days in many areas. When looking at the historical data, sowing between April 30 and May 10 will achieve maximum yield in corn. Sowing before and after these dates decreases the yield potential.

Some essential points that should not be overlooked before starting your sowing:

Planter adjustment:

  1. Level the toolbar on the planter
  2. Checking the wear of the seed discs
  3. Checking the seed meter unit (disc, brush, singulator, etc.)
  4. Uniform seeding depth adjustment on each row
  5. Pressure adjustment of each row unit
  6. Check the tire pressure on the planter

Soil conditions:

  1. Check the soil temperature
  2. Make sure the soil is dry enough for seeding
  3. Weather conditions within 24–48 hours of seeding

All of these points will have a significant impact on the uniformity of emergence of your seedling and ultimately on your yield.

Currently, the price of corn is at a historic level since 2012. Each adjustment error or choice of sowing window will cost more than in past years. At $300/mt of corn at harvest in 2021, a 10% yield gap represents a loss of $150/acre vs. $75/acre when corn is worth $ 150/mt. Every mistake will cost more this year.

So, taking a few extra minutes this spring before you start planting can pay you big this year.

Profitability per acre depending on yield and selling price:


For a more in-depth look at getting the most out of your planter, watch our "Power Planter Preparation!" video from earlier this year.