Agronomy Notes

Wolf R2X is an ultra-early maturity bean with great agronomics and competitive yield. Expect good emergence and spring vigour to start the season and strong Phytophthora field tolerance and Rps 3a gene to help protect from root rot. Excellent white mould tolerance with good IDC gives confidence to protect this variety’s top-end yield potential.

  • Impressive
  • Phytophthora tolerance
  • Great IDC tolerance
  • High first pod height for ease of harvest
  • Excellent standability
CHU: 2100 RM: 000.3
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Product Characteristics

Characteristic Value
Pod ColourBrown
Seed Size (s/kg)2653
Hilum ColourBlack
Plant TypeSemi-Bush

Agronomic Ratings

Characteristic Value
Phytophthora ToleranceAbove Average
Phytophthora GeneRps3a
SCN ResistancePI88788
Very Poor (1)
Excellent (9)
White Mould Tolerance0/9
Seedling Vigour8/9

Traits and Technology

Soybean technology that provides not only yield potential, but the key to unlocking broad spectrum weed control from both glyphosate and dicamba-based herbicides, including glyphosate-resistant weed strains.

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