Maizex Production Guide 2024

HERBICIDE TOLERANCE Positioning Glyphosate (RR) Dicamba Glufosinate (Liberty) 2,4-D Identity Preserved Conventional Premier early-season weed control with option to use early dicamba or later Roundup® or Liberty® in-crop. Position dicamba applications for pre-plant or early post to maximize weed control. Wide window of weed-control flexibility with excellent control of glyphosate-tolerant weeds. Using Enlist Duo™ herbicide, which contains glyphosate and 2,4-D with Colex-D™ technology, provides near-zero volatility. Position where herbicide-tolerant weeds are not an issue. Developed for non-GMO or identity-preserved contract opportunities. Consult your Maizex dealer for contract opportunities near you. 35 Full House: A Complete Range of Technology Options for Your Farm So, what weed control technology to use? Weed-control spectrums are shifting across North America, at a time when there has never been as many seed-based herbicide-tolerant technologies available on the market as there are today. Knowing what to plant starts with knowing what weed-control issues you have and how you want to tackle them. This is why Maizex offers a full selection of herbicide-tolerant technologies combined with premium genetics to maximize yield potential. Start with your major weed issues and match it to the program that provides the best in weed control and application flexibility for your specific farm operation. Looking for premium weed control? Look at Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® or XtendFlex® variety options. Looking for application flexibility near sensitive crops? Look at Enlist E3® or XtendFlex® varieties that allow in-crop Liberty® treatments. Maizex also offers conventional identity-preserved varieties for farmers who want to take advantage of premium opportunities and who are comfortable relying on a conventional herbicide program.