Maizex Production Guide 2024

Traits Features Outstanding genetics for high-end yield potential. Three modes of herbicide tolerance for outstanding weed control, including glyphosate-tolerant weeds. Benefits of glyphosate and new lower-volatility formulations of dicamba, such as Xtendimax® herbicide. Outstanding weed control including glyphosate-tolerant weeds such as Canada fleabane. Genetics featuring excellent yield potential. Three-way herbicide tolerance to glyphosate, 2,4-D, and glufosinate in a three-gene molecular stack. Unique high-yielding genetics with excellent disease tolerance, including white mould. CONV Combines yield potential and export-quality grain characteristics. 34 Soybeans This year marks an important milestone for Maizex, as all our soybean varieties across the country will now be marketed under the Maizex brand. Maizex soybeans combine stellar yield potential with a range of in-seed or seed-applied technologies to provide true performance on your farm. Our vigorous research and testing program ensures the Maizex brand builds on the legacy of Elite soybean performance, with varieties carefully selected to meet the specific needs of farmers across Canada. Trait Technologies