Maizex Production Guide 2024

36 Seed Treatment Options Seed treatments can be a critical tool to ensure emergence and early-season plant health in soybeans. At Maizex, we recognize that your seed treatment needs depend on the presence of insects and diseases above threshold levels field by field on your farm. To provide the flexibility necessary to meet these needs, the following treatment options are available on Maizex soybean varieties: SEED TREATMENT OPTIONS Seed Treatment Benefits Insecticide, Fungicide & Pre-inoculant Fungicide & Pre-inoculant Fungicide Only Untreated Fosters higher rhizobia survival and nutrient uptake, increases root growth, and boosts nutrient and water uptake, leading to enhanced nodulation and nitrogen fixation. Delivers control of European chafer, June beetle, bean leaf beetle, black cutworm, wireworm, and seed corn maggot. Helps build a strong soybean stand, even under heavy insect pressure. The result is faster more uniform growth. Biological plant activator that stimulates the plant’s natural genetic resistance earlier to fight off disease pathogens including white mould, rhizoctonia, and SDS. Provides broad-spectrum protection against key seed- and soil-borne diseases for stronger roots that can take full advantage of soil nutrients, even during unfavourable spring conditions. Additional protection options for late-maturity varieties Offers additional protection against Phytophthora in high-risk conditions to enhance emergence and vigour to improve plant stands and preserve yield potential. Trunemco™ is a new nematode seed treatment solution that helps soybean crops thrive. This patented technology primes plant physiology, activating the defense system for superior broad-spectrum protection against nematode invasion. Provides protection against Sudden Death Syndrome and Soybean Cyst Nematode to improve plant health and preserve yield potential.