Maizex Production Guide 2024

Maizex Corn Hybrids Corn is where Maizex started, both with performance hybrids and as an early innovator in seed processing. We were the first seed corn company in Canada to process and market refuge-in-the-bag (RIB) seed options for farmers, and we are continually innovating in our current production and research efforts to commercialize best-in-class genetics tailored for the Canadian farm, whether in grain, silage, or grazing corn. Our hybrids are created from world-class germplasm matched with the latest advancements in trait and seed treatment technologies. In short, Maizex hybrids are designed to help Canadian farmers achieve higher yields through base yield and improved agronomic performance. Traits Features Positioning The standard on the market today with above- and belowground insect protection. First choice for yield performance, especially on corn-on-corn acres.* The trusted benefits of SmartStax® Technology intertwined with new RNAi-based mode of action offers exceptional crop protection. This product is the first with three modes of action, offering the strongest biotech defense against corn rootworm. First choice for yield performance, especially on corn-on-corn acres.* Broad-spectrum above-ground insect control, including Western Bean Cutworm. Now approved for importation into the EU. No grain channeling required. Rotated ground with high risk of Western Bean Cutworm activity. Dual modes of action for above-ground insects. Rotated ground and second-year corn as part of an integrated rootworm strategy. Features a unique mode of action that controls corn rootworm differently than other traits on the market and acts as an excellent foundation for an effective corn rootworm control strategy. Excellent choice for yield performance and corn rootworm control, including corn-on-corn situations.* Combines yield with Roundup Ready® weed control flexibility. Rotated ground with no insect pressure. CONV Selected for yield potential and natural plant health. Ideal for non-GMO opportunities. *Talk to your Maizex Seeds dealer about resistance-management strategies for corn rootworm traits. Trait Technologies Maizex sources the best-available traits from global providers to meet the needs of our customers based on the specific insect, disease, and weed spectrums experienced across the different growing regions of Canada. 8