Maizex Production Guide 2024

Seed Treatment Testing Soil Type Response Nitrogen Response Fungicide Response Nitrogen Application Timing Macro- and Micro-Nutrient Response Planting Depth Germ and Vigour Population Response Emergence Disease Tolerance Standability Yield Grain and Silage Quality Test and Kernel Weight Environmental Response Agronomy & Product Research Our research and testing cover the full spectrum of factors considered by farmers in not only their seed but also their field management decisions. This helps us position the best products field by field for your farm. One Brand Performance in corn and soybeans now driven through one strong Maizex brand. 100% True North Owned by Canadian farmers; focused on Canadian farmers. Farm Roots Our professional sales agronomists and agronomy support team relate directly to our product line through their personal experience and direct connection to the farm. Agronomy First Robust research with the goal of helping you maximize yields, including N response, fungicide response seed treatments, seed-based traits, and soil-type performance. Second to None Seed quality is derived through innovative practices and an attention to detail to minimize handling and maximize performance. Over 50,000 Plots Across the country to test for yield and agronomic performance in corn and soybeans. Global Germplasm Accessed and developed from the best sources around the world to match our needs in Canada. Only the Best Tech Seed-based traits and treatments tested and utilized to preserve and enhance yield potential. Canadian Harvests Our seed corn is grown in Southern Ontario, one of the most productive seed corn regions in the world; our soybeans are produced in regions across the country by Canadian famers focused on quality. 7