Maizex Production Guide 2024

Maizex Seeds is proud to carry a focused portfolio of Elite forages. With a rich history of performance in Eastern Canada, Elite forage seed varieties have been selected and tested to meet the specific nutrition and agronomic needs of Canadian farmers. Contact your Maizex dealer for assistance in planning your forages field by field. Featured Products The following are key varieties selected to be Elite products, tested not only for overall yield performance but also to provide specific agronomic characteristics that can make a difference year over year while in production. Alfalfa Althea For truly fast recovery • Standfast variety for fast recovery and regrowth • Ideal for short cutting intervals • Higher total yield through more cuts • Excellent winter survival • High-quality feed source Amina For longer- lasting quality • Produces more leaves • Better digestibility • Extended harvest period Rustung For resistance • Outstanding yield and quality potential • Ideal for longer cutting intervals, 10% bloom • Excellent winter survival • Industry benchmark for disease tolerance Samba A versatile alfalfa • Yield stability • Disease resistance • Branched root system Magnum 8-Wet For wet soils • Ideal for uneven fields • Branched roots to overcome wet soils • High yield potential • Excellent disease tolerance 3010 For grazing tolerance • Deep-set crown with high yield potential • Slower regrowth allows more time for manure application • Outstanding winter survival Clover Aramis Superior quality red clover • Excellent quality • Very good yield under three- cut management systems • Good persistence Companion Ladino white clover • Early • Tolerates drought well • Very good persistence Timothy Arlaka For yield • Very leafy • Intermediate maturity • Superior stand persistence Sahara DT For drought tolerance • Vigorous in the spring • Excellent forage quality • Better yield distribution Grasses BarElite Soft-leaf tall fescue • High yield • Grows all season long • Soft, appetizing leaves Laura Meadow fescue • Highly digestible • Very good annual yield • High quality Suede Soft-leaf tall fescue • Good forage quality • Intermediate maturity • Tolerates stress well Mahulena Festulolium • Tolerates drought and flooding • High yield • Good persistence Athos Late orchardgrass • Tolerates dry periods well • Good fall growth • Very good yield potential Hakari Alaska bromegrass • Very fast establishment • Tolerates drought well • Good palatability Succession Hybrid bromegrass • Quick spring start • Great quality • Tolerates dry spells