Maizex Production Guide 2024

Forages Forage Mix Selector These blends have been positioned by our expert forage agronomists to address the specific needs of Canadian dairy, beef, and export operations. Premium Performance Mixes Ultra High Yield Maximize dry hay yield Ultra Intensive Maximize regrowth and tonnage in four-cut systems PRO Hi-Gest Optimize feed quality in three-cut systems Ultra Export For premium export hay with possible delayed harvest Rustung alfalfa 50% Althea alfalfa 90% Amina alfalfa 50% Rustung alfalfa 90% Samba alfalfa 25% Laura meadow fescue 4% Rustung alfalfa 40% Sahara DT timothy 10% Sahara DT timothy 25% Athos late orchardgrass 3% Laura meadow fescue 5% Mahulena festulolium 3% Barelite tall fescue 5% Utility Proven Performance Mixes Ultra All Terrain For fields with variable soil types and drainage Classic 75 An economical solution to establishing hay PRO Lowland Designed for lowland with poor drainage PRO Pasture Reno Low-set alfalfa crown with aggressive grasses for grazing Magnum 8-Wet alfalfa 50% Alfalfa 75% Arlaka timothy 50% 3010 alfalfa 35% Samba alfalfa 25% Timothy 25% Magnum 8-Wet alfalfa 25% Companion white clover 25% Sahara DT timothy 25% Samba alfalfa 15% Laura meadow fescue 15% Companion white clover 10% Athos late orchardgrass 15% Mahulena festulolium 10% Pure Grass Mixes Brome/ Fescue Add resilience to hay fields Brome Blend A proven performer Meadow Fescue/ Festulolium Add high-quality grasses to premium alfalfa Triple-G Improve the life and performance of stands with a diverse blend Succession 80% Succession 70% Laura 50% Succession 34% Suede 20% Hakari 30% Mahulena 50% Suede 33% Athos 33% 44