Maizex Production Guide 2024

24 Ration MZ Higher Milk and Meat Yields Maizex is an industry leader in silage corn, offering diverse hybrid technologies to meet the specific needs of your ration. This includes a full portfolio of EnergyPlus dual-purpose hybrids to drive energy and feed efficiency and FeastPlus silage-specific hybrids for enhanced feed palatability, digestibility, and high-tonnage yield. Whether you are feeding for milk or for meat, every producer has a formula for success from the bunk or silo, but it is always prudent to revisit your strategies each year. Below is a list of questions you can work through to make sure that you are still using the best approach for your animals and your operation. • Do you know how many tonnes of corn silage you need to harvest for feed next year? • What aspects of silage quality are most important for your diet—energy, digestibility, or milk per acre/tonne? • What level of starch do you require in your ration? • How important is harvest timing flexibility? • Do you need swing acres to accommodate your silage harvest? • Which of your fields will be silage corn next year? • Is your silage field first-year corn or will it be corn after corn? • What maturity of corn should you grow for silage in your area? Talk to your Maizex dealer if you need help answering any of these questions. We have agronomic experts on staff who specialize in silage corn and can assist you in optimizing your silage plans. Make your herd happy and choose Ration MZ. Maturity Energy Yield