Maizex Production Guide 2024

3 We understand the headwinds faced by farmers, brought on by Mother Nature, global uncertainty in commodity markets, and political instability in strategically important agricultural regions. To overcome these challenges, we must become more efficient and adaptable to continue to feed the world in a sustainable way. Part of that equation is our commitment to providing a stable and high-performing product portfolio, allowing our customers to maximize their yield potential field by field. To provide consistency and efficiency in support of this commitment, we are nationalizing our corn and soybean efforts under the Maizex brand this year. As part of this transition, we have evolved our look with a new colour scheme, while the underlying logo and mission remain unchanged. The symbol of our stylized ‘M’ is a representation of the wave of a crop canopy, with each part of the wave representing farmer success with Maizex field by field, while the enveloping circle brings together our corn and soybean products under one brand, through a team that is focused on your success. When you choose to plant Maizex, you are investing in Canadian agriculture, and you can trust that you are getting carefully selected and rigorously tested seed for your farm. We recognize and appreciate the trust and commitment you are making in choosing Maizex seed. Thank you for your support, and best wishes from our farms to yours for the upcoming season.