Fine tuning our nutrient applications is an ongoing process. Phosphorus management in Ontario is important on two fronts; ensuring we have productive soils to maintain high yields as well as reducing losses to water sources. Soil test K levels that have fallen in the last 10 years pose a threat to increasing yields. As farms change and grow, the way we apply nutrients has changed as well. Overall we are using less dry banded fertilizer and more liquid starter, and in turn, more phosphorus is being broadcast.

There are always ways to improve our practices and tracking our nutrient use is a great way to start. Greg Stewart, the Maizex Agronomy Lead has developed an easy tool for doing just that.

The Maizex P and K Tracker can be downloaded here. This tool allows you to enter your soil test levels and field history and to track your potential P and K levels over a number of years until your next soil test.

To get started, enter your field name in the top right1. Next, enter the year and the crop from drop down menus on the left2. You can then enter your soil test levels, any fertilizer application you applied as well as your yield and if you removed any straw3,4,5. After this information is entered an estimated soil P2O5 and K2O ppm level will be calculated. For each field you can enter 6 years of data. You can move the estimated P and K levels down into the following year’s soil test value to continue estimating your P and K levels until your next soil test.

On the right hand side you can calculate your dry and liquid fertilizer actual nutrient application by typing in your product analysis and application rate. 

In this example, the estimated soil levels dropped from 25 to 17 ppm P2O5 and from 115 to 92 ppm K2O in 6 years with a soybean-soybean-wheat-corn-soybeans-wheat rotation.  

The Maizex Tracker is an easy way to check what the OMAFRA recommendation is for your soil test, add up all your P and K additions, see what crop removal is for your yield and track where your soil test P and K levels are headed. Contact your Maizex representative to find out more.


Laura Johnston, CCA-ON, Maizex Seeds Territory Manager, West Elgin County
Twitter: @lmjohnston8 


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