Building on the legacy of Elite-brand product performance, our complete forage seed portfolio is now marketed under the Maizex brand. Maizex is focused on the future of forage performance and quality. We understand that having the right products for your ration and farm is critical to profitability and that every farm is different in its approach to feed use and efficiency. This is why our development and agronomy teams are focused on the testing, selection, and in-field support of forage seed varieties to meet the specific nutrition and agronomic needs of farmers like you.

Ontario Forage Blends
• sold through the Maizex dealer network
Quebec Forage Blends
• sold through Sollio Agriculture co-op locations
Maritime Forage Blends
• sold through select Maizex dealer locations

VarietyTechnological TraitFeatures
AminaHi-Gest• Higher leaf/stem ratio
• More digestibility
• Longer harvesting period
NEW AltoriaStandfast• Higher yield potential
• Vigorous regrowth
• Very good forage quality
NEW Samba IIBranched roots
Deep-set crown
• Consistently high yield
• Very good disease resistance
• Excellent persistence
Rustung• Excellent disease resistance
• Very good winter survival
• Excellent yield potential
Magnum 8-WetBranched roots• Very good in variable fields
• High yield
• Highly resistant to diseases
NEW ShiftDeep-set crown• Large, deep-set crowns
• Tolerates grazing
• Excellent winter survival
VarietyTypeTechnological TraitFeatures
BearcatRed clover• Outstanding stand persistence
• Superior yields
• Good disease resistance
AramisRed clover• Excellent quality
• Excellent yield potential
• Good persistence
NEW KlondikeLadino white clover• Faster regrowth
• Large leaves with taller growth habit
• Very good winter survival
FrostyBerseem cloverAnnual• Impressive yield
• Excellent feed quality
• Many uses
Exact• Excellent persistence
• Tolerates grazing very well
• High flood tolerance
Arlaka• Very leafy
• Intermediate maturity
• Superior stand persistence
Sahara DT• Vigorous in the spring
• Excellent forage quality
• Better yield distribution
VarietyTypeTechnological TraitFeatures
SuedeTall fescueSoft leaves• Good forage quality
• Intermediate maturity
• Stress tolerance
LauraMeadow fescue• Highly digestible
• Very good annual yield
• High quality
ArsenalMeadow bromegrass• Very good recovery
• Vigorous early-season growth
• Excellent quality
SuccessionHybrid bromegrass• Quick spring start
• Great quality
• Tolerates dry weather
NEW VerlicaAlaska bromegrass• Rapid establishment
• Tolerates dry weather
• Very good forage quality
NEW EchelonOrchardgrassLate maturity• Very late flowering
• Tolerates dry spells
• Very good yield
MahulenaFestuloliumFescue type• Tolerates drought and flooding
• High yield
• Good persistence
NEW AchillesFestuloliumRyegrass type• Fast establishment
• High digestibility
• Good spring growth
MathildeRyegrassPerennial• Very good fall growth
• Very dense, leafy plants
• Good forage quality
BigbangRyegrassItalian Westerwold• Fast establishment
• High yield
• Very good recovery
MelcombiRyegrassHybrid Italian type• Excellent yield potential
• Very good disease resistance
• Very good forage quality
BMR hybrid Sudan grassSudan grassBMR hybrid Sudan grass• Excellent yield
• Very good digestibility
• Fast recovery
Honey Graze BMRSorghum-Sudan grassBMR sorghum-Sudan
• Very resistant to drought
• Good feed quality
• Very good yield