RX Acron

Prodcut Information


  • Excels under tough conditions
  • SCN resistant
  • Tall, aggressive plant type
  • Adapted to heavier soils

Agronomy Notes

Aggressive.  Strong seedling vigour, aggressive early growth and branched plant type make this variety ideal for heavier soil types and reduced tillage scenarios.  Very good Phytophthora field tolerance and SCN resistance contribute to high yield potential.  Prefers row spacings greater than 15" for optimum performance.  

CHU: 2425 RM: 0.6
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Product Characteristics

Characteristic Value
Flower ColourPurple
Pod ColourBrown
Seed Size (s/kg)6050
Hilum ColourBlack
Growth HabitIndeterminate
Plant TypeBranched

Agronomic Ratings

Characteristic Value
Row Width15 to 30 inches
Soil TypeAll (multiple)
Tilage TypeAll (multiple)
SCN ResistanceResistant
Very Poor (1)
Excellent (9)
No-Till Adaptability9/9
White Mould Tolerance8/9
Lodging Resistance7/9
Seedling Vigour9/9

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