LFG 875

Agronomy Notes

LFG 875 has attractive plant appearance, very good seedling vigour and large girthy ears. Grain will have unmatched starch digestibility. Plants are tall in stature with low to medium ear placement. Ears will have 16-18 kernel rows with soft digestible kernels.
Position at moderate populations; north and south of adapted maturity zone.

Management Tip – adjust ration to account for increased starch digestibility.

  • Floury gene for increased starch availability
  • Unmatched yield potential
  • Tall plant stature
  • Very good seedling vigour
  • White cobs for more palatable silage
CHU: 2750 RM: 92
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Product Characteristics

Characteristic Value
Final Population27-30
CHU 50% Silk1614
Plant HeightVery Tall Very Tall Very Tall 
EmergenceVery Good
Anther ColourPink
Glume ColourPink
Silk ColourPurpling
Ear HeightMedium
Leaf AngleSemi-Upright
Very Poor (1)
Excellent (9)
Early Vigour8/9
Plant Health9/9
Starch Amount7/9
Starch Availability9/9
Plant Disease Rating5/9

Ear Characteristics

Characteristic Value
Ear TypeFlex
Kernel TextureVery Soft
Cob ColourWhite
Husk CoverAdequate
Shank LengthMedium
Harvest PositionSemi-Upright

Traits and Technology

Conventional corn growers want high yields. For the most advanced, highest-yielding conventional corn hybrids, choose Maizex X-Series. These hybrids are developed using modern breeding techniques, but are GMO free. Conventional herbicide programs must be used for weed control.

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